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Our Mission

Insight was born from a necessity to ignite a special flame for classical music by sharing the magic behind the music, and to foster creative collaborations between musicians, composers and the audience.


Over the last few decades, the percentage of attendees of live orchestral concerts and operas dropped by 30%. Our goal is to be part of reversing this trend by empowering listeners with a unique musical experience that enriches their understanding and passion for music.  


Insight pairs performances by accomplished musicians with interactive, in-depth explorations that empower people to more deeply understand and enjoy all classical music. 


Each concert centers around an imaginative theme and introduces 2-3 musical insights, like, What methods do composers use to portray the deep emotions they evoke? Through creative storytelling, mini-lessons and interactive games listeners learn about the the history about the pieces and who wrote them, how composers use techniques to imbue meaning and how to find patterns in the music they hear. 


The audience might learn how Bach could pull off writing an orchestral piece very week;  hold up color cards when they hear a particular theme, or call out emotions while the musicians show how each feeling is evoked. The interactive nature of each concert fosters relationships between musicians and those listening. 


Growing community between musicians and the audience is a core part of Insights mission. Each concert is played in an intimate environment of a local historic home graciously provided by patrons. Musicians and the audience dialogue over Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments. This “salon” venue style fosters community and is the same kind of environment where this music was originally played. 


The environment is designed to foster warmth and comfort for the audience and enable them to engage on a friendly basis with musicians and feel that they are a part of the performance itself. Through this blend of experiences, our vision is to foster passion and patronage for classical music. 

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