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Our Mission

Insight was born from a necessity to ignite a special flame for classical music by sharing the magic behind the music, and to foster creative collaborations between musicians, composers and the audience.


Over the last few decades, the percentage of attendees of live orchestral concerts and operas dropped by 30%. Our goal is to be part of reversing this trend by empowering listeners with a unique musical experience that enriches their understanding and passion for music.  


Insight pairs performances by accomplished musicians with interactive, in-depth presentations that enable people to deeply understand classical music. Each concert centers around an imaginative theme that introduces 2-3 musical insights such as: What methods do composers use to evoke emotion? Our last concert cycle introduced the audience to the structure of baroque dance, compositional techniques such as Theme and Variations, and the character of musical themes. In a game where audiences held up color cards when they heard a particular theme, they learned how Bach could write an orchestral piece every week. The interactive nature of each concert fosters relationships between musicians and those listening.


Insight also offers online courses and videos which help reach a wider network of people. Our last example was the collaboration with San Francisco Ballet School where we produced a music video for a new musical work. Accompanying these videos were interviews with the project's composer and dancers to give a behind the scenes look into each art form. The videos are released on Youtube free for the public.


Insight caters to professional musicians by offering instruction in advanced musical concepts. These courses are provided online and have featured guest instructors and authors from prestigious institutions around the world. Stemming from our in person events, Insight Chamber Players is proud to release online content, behind the scenes, and teasers which give our audience and community members further insight into our musical world. The majority of this content is provided on our Youtube page, free to the public. 

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