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Our Team

Insight Chamber Players' unique concerts are made possible by our amazing team of administration and brilliant roster of Musicians. 


Administration & Board

Ericsson Hatfield & Leah Froyd, Co Founders

Felicia Su Treasurer

Advisory Committee

Susan Voigt Hatfield, Consultant

David Conte, Composer and Chair of Composition at San Francisco Conservatory of Music 

Linda Johnson, Educator

Albert Yeh, Lawyer 

Haerang Lee, Social Media Marketing 

Host Committee

Davidson Bidwell-Waite, Clocktower Salon

Edwin Waite, Clocktower Salon

Jim Warshell, Fisk House

Gail Baugh, Fisk House

George Horsfall, Blue Painted Lady

Simon Wistow, 235 Broderick

Stephanie Vacher, 235 Broderick

Udi and Guy Ledergor, St. Francis Salon


Composers & Speakers

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