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Salons & Acknowledgements

At Insight Chamber, one of our goals is to bring a unique and meaning fun experience to our audiences. We were inspired by the Salons in Europe, specifically the relationship between composers Mendelssohn, Liszt, and Chopin who at one point lived blocks away from each other in Paris. During their rendezvous, they would often invite non musician friends to show off their latest compositions and virtuosic musical feats. Many of today's most renowned chamber music works were intended for such spaces, so as a part of Insight, we are honoring that tradition by keeping it alive and well! 

If you have a space that you think would be perfect for the next Insight concert, please email us at 

Friends Of Insight Chamber Players

von Meck 


Davidson Bidwell Waite & Edwin Waite

Bing Liem

Felicia Su




Harold B. Jacobsohn

Joe Laska

Food & Wine Sponsorships

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