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Insight Chamber Players is a chamber music collective dedicated to bringing music to unique locations and guiding music-lovers through the passion of the art form. Our goal is to provide chamber music in the manner it was originally intended — in beautiful intimate spaces such as homes and salons that facilitate camaraderie around music. Our activities include recitals, open rehearsals, sight reading parties and mentorship.


What they're saying...

Julie Zigoris, SF Standard

"The intimacy has an impact. Audience members at the group’s recent performance at the Fisk House, all seated in armchairs and settees with glasses of wine and plates of fruit and chocolate chip cookies, were visibly moved: moist eyes, long sighs and absolutely zero napping—but lots of swaying and tapping of feet."

Insight's Activities


feature interactive presentations around the historical contexts of composers and their musical techniques, including conversations with currently living composers.

Open rehearsals

are a chance for audiences to see behind the curtain into how music is prepared - participants will observe the conversations that take place between musicians, the reasonings behind interpretations and offer their input into the music.


Insight provides access to a practical and tested curriculum to establish compositional technique rooted in the historical methods that taught great composers. This forms a foundation for navigating modern and contemporary styles with clarity.

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Death & The Maiden Matinee -- October 8th
Death & The Maiden Matinee -- October 8th
Oct 08, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
San Francisco,
700 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA
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