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About Us

Insight Chamber Players is a chamber music collective whose goal is to provide chamber music in the manner it was originally intended. Our concerts take place in intimate spaces such as historic homes and salons that facilitate camaraderie. Through insightful education we aim to deepen appreciation and understanding about the art form.

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June 16-July 6

Insight Chamber Players at Orvieto Musica



Insight Chamber Players at Tahoe Music Alive

Watch Insight Chamber Players' collaboration with SF Ballet School Students, Van Gogh en Provence composed by Pierre Fontaine and choreographed by Claire Buchi and Sophia Hatton, originally premiered September 2023.

"The intimacy has an impact. Audience members at the group’s recent performance at the Fisk House, all seated in armchairs and settees with glasses of wine and plates of fruit and chocolate chip cookies, were visibly moved: moist eyes, long sighs and absolutely zero napping—but lots of swaying and tapping of feet."

Julie Zigoris, SF Standard


Insight Online

Part of Insight's vision is to educate audiences of all walks of life through educational content with little or no barrier to entry. We are proud to host several online projects throughout the year in order to grow our community. 

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